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DMDG Membership is free and is on a per-company, per-site basis. Membership requires active participation in the development of the DMDG, including representation at our Annual Business Meetings, voting rights, eligibility to serve on the DMDG Committee, participation on sub-committees and provide input and feedback on a variety of matters upon request. Each site has a designated site representative through which communications are channelled.

New applications for company and/or site membership are considered by a Management Committee that conducts the business of the DMDG. If your engagement with the DMDG is simply to be able to register for our courses and meetings, then you do not need to be a member and you can use the event registration portal to do so. Your contact data will be captured thereafter and you will be kept on our database so that you can fast-track the registration system (with log-in details) should you wish to attend more than one DMDG event. You will also receive alerts as new courses come in stream, and will receive DMDG communications like the newsletter and ad-hoc e-bulletins to be kept in the loop on DMDG developments, calling notices and general updates. You can choose to opt out of these at any point by contacting the DMDG Secretariat at

If you are unsure whether your company or site is a member of the DMDG then please email a query to

Please note, the affiliate grade of membership no longer applies, and anyone from academia can either join as members (noting the obligations this confers) or attend meetings and courses.

To apply for membership, either download and return the membership application form, by clicking here, or complete the information requested below and click 'Apply'.

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