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DMDG Fellowship
Members who have made outstanding contributions, long term commitment and high-level service to the DMDG shall be eligible for DMDG Fellow status. Fellows belong to a distinguished category of membership who have the privilege of membership without site-based representation. Fellows also benefit from having a funded contribution towards attendance (including complimentary registration) at the annual Open Meetings.

Nominations for DMDG Fellow status may be made at anytime by clicking here and will be considered at least annually by an augmented Committee. Any member of the DMDG may submit a nomination, with an accompanying letter providing justification. Newly elected fellows will be announced at the Open Meeting.

Note that Fellowships will be awarded as deserving candidates arise and not according to a defined timetable. To ensure the distinctive level of this membership is maintained the number of Fellows will be monitored appropriately.

It is anticipated that a Fellow would have contributed in a number of areas and example contributions to the DMDG may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Long service to training courses or education of members
  • Organisation of, or regular contribution to meetings & events
  • Promotion of the DMDG activities and ethos
  • Outstanding contribution to DMDG related science over a career
  • Service to the committee

Current list of Fellows:

  • Dr Suzanne Iverson Hemberg (Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden AB) - to read an interview with Suzanne click here
  • Dr Steve Hood (GSK)
  • Dr Barry Jones (Pharmaron UK)
  • Professor Dennis Smith (Independent Consultant) - to read Dennis' thoughts on DMDG Fellowship click here
  • Professor Ian Wilson (Imperial College London) - to read Ian's thoughts on DMDG Fellowship click here