Programme - All timings are Swedish time (CET). Exact timings and parts of agenda may be subject to change
13.00 Workshop introduction
13.15 In vitro systems for mechanistic evaluation of drug-drug interactionrisk associated with peptide analogues 
Carolina Säll/Deepak Kumar Bhatt, Novo Nordisk
13.50 The impact of septic shock on the phamacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of selepressin
Daniel Jonker, Ferring
14.25 MS processing software for peptide met-ID (working title)
Jan Boerma, UniLabs
15.00 Break
15.20 Peptide drug metabolism profiling in preclinical drug development 
Simon Hauri, Roche
15.55 A company strategy for immunogenicity testing of peptide drugs
Birgitte Buur Rasmussen, Ferring
16.30 Automated LC-MS based in vitro assay to asses protease stability of pharmacologically active peptides for inhalation
Frank Wesche, AZ
17.05 - 17.40 Free session discussion/meeting roundup