1st European Biotransformation Workshop

“Everything you wanted to discuss about biotransformation and (not) afraid to do so”

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for biotransformation scientists to discuss topics of interest to them and the biotransformation community at large. The scope may cover all stages of drug discovery, development as well as clinical and life-cycle management activities addressing in silico, in vitro, preclinical in vivo approaches and clinical studies. The meeting format will involve a discussion leader for each topic who will introduce the subject with a few slides (10-15 min) followed by group discussion. The key messages/possible ways to follow up will be captured and circulated to all attendees.

The specific topics will be grouped under one of the following themes:

  • Assessment of human metabolites: Approaches to MIST, preclinical safety assessment, qualification of impurities using metabolite data, DDI, mutagenicity testing of metabolites, species differences etc.

  • Unusual biotransformation pathways: Non-P450 mediated and/or extrahepatic metabolism, chemical reactions/rearrangements following an enzyme mediated step etc.

  • Application of data science/AI/ML to biotransformation and drug design: Databasing of metabolites, leveraging of biotransformation knowledge to complement drug design, reactive metabolites, automated approaches to metabolite identification, prediction of MS response and ccs values etc.

  • New and emerging technologies: LC/MS, AMS, MSI, MPS, Ion mobility MS etc.

Please, feel free to contact the organising committee (;;; or to propose your topic of interest, bring your own examples to share and get feedback on specific questions from the community. Based on your feedback we will prioritise topics for discussion and share a more detailed agenda prior to the meeting.