The 1st peptide workshop took place last year in Gothenburg, Sweden (prior to the DMDG Open Meeting). It was a great success with 45 delegates, with an equal split between pharma and CRO representatives. This year’s workshop will be no exception, where we will discuss the current regulatory landscape for the development of peptide drugs, which may lead companies to perform a variety of small molecule-focussed ADME studies in support of filing packages. The aim of the workshop is for member company scientists to discuss and exchange ideas of peptide ADME related challenges (active participation is expected). Asking the question if the current activities are suitable for these modalities, and should science-driven decisions on development of such molecules be implemented more in the industry.

If you work in the drug development of peptides, and have such questions (or additional ones), please join in on the debate with us in Cambridge at Selwyn College the 17th of September 2019, for a ½ day meeting, prior to the DMDG Open Meeting at Robinson College (18-20 September). Selwyn College is located only 0.5 km from Robinson College.

The cost to attend the workshop (including one night accommodation at Selwyn College) is £125.

Join the peptide discussion!!!