Thursday 7th March
09.30   Arrival, Coffee & Registration
10.00   Introduction
Hugh Walton, Astex Therapeutics Ltd and DMDG Apprentice Committee Member
10.10   Opening presentation
Rebecca Scott, GSK and DMDG Chair 2018-19
10.30   First Talks on new in vitro techniques
  • Jenny Rankin
    • MATEs – Why they are important and how we predict DDIs
  • Rosie Rawlinson
    • Reactive metabolite trapping: Effects of pH on metabolic activity
  • Justine Badee
    • Optimization of Experimental Conditions of Automated Glucuronidation Assays in Human Liver Microsomes using a Cocktail Approach and Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • Heather Edwardson
    • Development of an Automated Cytosol Stability Assay
11.40   Refreshments and Posters
12.00   Cell culture in DMPK  
  • John Pollard
    • A Deterministic Approach to Cell Growth for Increasing Assay Robustness
  • Mi-Young Lee
    • Understanding biotransformation of slowly cleared chemicals in co-cultured in vitro models, 3D liver Spheroid and HepatoPac
  • Katie Haughan
    • Developing an In-Vitro Assay to Investigate Endocytosis in the Renal Proximal Tubule
  • Elnaz Gozalpour
    • Role of human sodium dependent multivitamin transporter in drugs absorption
13.00   Lunch
13.45   In vivo study design and LC/MS analysis
  • Seshu Tammireddy
    • Opportunities and Challenges in Metabolite Identification Studies
  • Mykel Evans
    • Cinchophen - Understanding the disposition and drug induced liver injury
  • Coral Munday
    • Developing a Generic Process for the Extraction of Drugs from Blood Samples Dried onto Mitra® Micro-sampling Devices: Overcoming a New Haematocrit Effect
  • Caitlin Lapworth
    • An inhaled PK story: How the interplay between physicochemical properties, PK, and formulation gave rise to small molecules with optimal solubility and lung retention
  • Alpesh Shah
    • Challenges and considerations to performing a successful in vivo pharmacokinetic study
15.00   Refreshments and Posters
15.15   In vivo studies and LC/MS analysis (continued)
  • Brett O’Brien
    • Development of a rapid LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous quantification of biomarkers and small molecule inhibitors in biological matrices
15.30   Measurement of Compound Binding
  • Jenny Baker
    • Characterisation of RED devices: A glimpse into the challenges of protein binding in the bioanalysis area of drug development
  • Claire Szuster
    • Why does urine gobble up my analyte?
  • Vanessa Portman
    • Optimisation of a high throughput in vitro assay to determine the extent of brain tissue binding and the fraction unbound of potential CNS drugs
16.15   Poster prize and final viewings
16.50   Closing remarks
17.15 -
  Meet up in 'The Eagle'