Hot Topics in the lab, taking place in Cambridge on 7th March 2019, is a new one-day DMDG meeting designed to provide a platform for early career DMDG members to participate in a scientific meeting.

This free event is exclusively open to scientists who are currently in their first 5 years of working in a DMPK role. We anticipate many of the delegates will have the opportunity to deliver a first presentation to a welcoming audience. Additionally, the event will feature a poster session with the opportunity for all delegates to bring a poster.

We are appealing to managers and early career scientists to work together to design posters and presentations based around work in the lab which can be shared with other DMDG members. Possible presentation topics may include: implementing or optimising DMPK assays, mass spec headaches, bioanalytical challenges, chromatography vs ligand binding assays for large molecules or use of automation.

The first event will take place in the Pitt Building located in the centre of Cambridge and within walking distance of the train station. This grand building will provide a memorable setting for those bringing a poster or making a presentation for the first time. For those travelling large distances to attend the event applications for a travel bursary will be considered. Furthermore, we envisage future events in the series hosted in a variety of locations to reach as many of the early career DMDG scientists as possible.

If you have any queries or would like to register your interest in presenting at the event, please contact the DMDG apprentice committee member Hugh Walton.