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About Us

The DMDG is an informal World-wide association for scientists engaged in research and development within the drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and related disciplines of the pharmaceutical industry.

Membership of the DMDG is FREE and by company site although individuals who work at a member site can sign up to receive information about DMDG meetings and training courses. Applications for membership are considered by a Management Committee that conducts the business of the DMDG.

The DMDG organises training courses and scientific meetings for the benefit of its membership. In addition, the DMDG encourages participation from new practitioners in the field of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics by offering free places at the annual Open Meeting to final year PhD students in these areas of research.

Since its formation in 1971 the DMDG has grown from a UK-based organisation to one that has 247 organisations in 27 countries worldwide. Currently DMDG member companies range from large Pharmaceutical companies employing 100's of DMPK staff to small biotech companies where the DMPK group consists of a few individuals.

The DMDG is committed to maintaining high standards of conferences and training courses, while maintaining a positive and supportive environment for all. We aspire that everyone involved with the DMDG is equally valued and respected. As a facilitator of scientific discussion, collaboration and training, we value the diversity of our committee members, fellows, course tutors and members. We are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive environment for all. This is reflected in the core values of our strategy, which state the importance of:

  • Valuing, respecting and promoting the rights, responsibilities and dignity of individuals within all our activities and relationships.

  • Equality of opportunity based on merit, irrespective of background, beliefs and socio-economic context