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Welcome to the DMDG
The DMDG is an informal World-wide association for scientists engaged in research and development within the drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and related disciplines of the pharmaceutical industry.

We run a number of related residential scientific courses and one day meetings in the UK and mainland Europe for scientists from 247 organisations in 27 countries worldwide that are currently members of the DMDG. To view a list of courses and a short synopsis of their content, please click here.

Membership is free and on a per company and per site basis for commercial scientific organisations/companies, and we welcome applications from scientists from academia too on an individual (affiliate basis). Please go to the Join Us page for more information on how to join.

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Latest News

New dates confirmed for the following events:

  • DMDG 1st Virtual Biologics Symposium (online)
  • Peptide ADME Discussion Group - 3rd Workshop (Sweden)
  • 1st European Biotransformation Workshop (Sweden)
  • 2020 Joint Meeting (Sweden)
    (in partnership with the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • In Vitro Technology course (UK)
  • Methods for Bioanalysis and Metabolism course
  • Early Career's meeting 2021: Hot Topics in the Lab (UK)
  • Pharmacokinetics in Drug Discovery Course (UK)

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