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Courses and Meetings

The DMDG organises training courses and scientific meetings for the benefit of its membership. Here is further information on the DMDG courses and meetings.

Membership of the DMDG is FREE and by company site, although individuals who work at a member site can sign up to receive information about individual DMDG meetings and training courses. Applications for membership are considered by a Management Committee that conducts the business of the DMDG.

Residential Courses

Large Molecules Course

The 'large molecules' to be discussed in the course include oligonucleotides, antibodies, antibody fragments and proteins. The following topics will be discussed:

Fundamentals of DMPK Course

This course is intended for new DMPK scientists, or those from other scientific disciplines, who would like a broad introduction to DMPK science. This course covers a range of topics highlighting the pivotal role played by DMPK throughout the drug discovery and development process. Specific consideration is given to topics as diverse as, in vitro metabolism, pharmacokinetics, quantitative analytical techniques, qualitative detection methodology and isotopic techniques. In addition, consideration is also given to topics which have taken on a greater prevalence in recent years, for example, modelling & simulation techniques and an introduction to the DMPK aspects of large molecules.

Introduction to Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic and Concepts Course

Increasingly, DMPK departments are involved in the design and analysis of in vivo pharmacology (PKPD) experiments. This 2 day course aims to cover the basic concepts of PKPD that will allow scientists to start practising PKPD interpretation. The course is for DMPK scientists, and their biology and pharmacology colleagues, who want to learn more about the PKPD and its uses for drug discovery and development.

In vitro Technology Training Course

This 3 day course should appeal to those scientists just starting their careers in this area or those from other scientific disciplines who want to learn more of these approaches and how to apply them to the drug discovery and development process. Topics to be covered include the enzymology of drug metabolism, enzyme kinetics, induction of ADME targets, drug transport processes, the use of hepatocytes, slices and subcellular fractions and the influence of molecular technologies on our discipline.

Methods for Bioanalysis and Drug Metabolism Course

The agenda includes a series of interactive tutorials interspersed between more formal lectures, designed to give delegates a deeper understanding of bioanalytical tools employed within the DMPK environment. The tutorials aim to reinforce lecture material, but in a more practical form. Topics include:
Physico-chemical Properties of Drugs
Fundamental Aspects of Mass Spectrometry (MS)


Joint and one day meetings

The 2nd RSC/SCI/DMDG Symposium on Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development

Cell surface transporters play a key role in human health and disease, both through their impact on drug disposition and as therapeutic targets in their own right. This meeting continues on from the first, successfully held in 2014, and is anticipated to become part of a regular series. It should be of interest to medicinal chemists, DMPK scientists and other workers with interests on the impact of transporters on human health.